Hi, I'm Gil Ribeiro. I’m a Portuguese freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Lisbon.
I was born in S. Bernardo do Campo, Brazil (1981) and moved to Lisbon as a young child. At age 21 I moved to Germany to pursue an education in sports, but soon realized it wasn’t for me. I decided to change the course completely and started my way in the visual arts world.
In 2014, I graduated as a director of photography from FH Dortmund film school in Germany and have been working as a DoP/Cameraman since then.
In 2017 I began photographing more regularly, just for fun. What started as a hobby ended up becoming a passion. With time I established a great interest in street and travel photography.
I see myself as a multifaceted photographer, having a keen eye for both the timing for the decisive moment, as well as the capability of capturing rich aesthetic scenes that play with light & shadow, colours and structures. My extensive background in film making adds a level of depth and atmosphere to my images. Overall what matters most to me is that the pictures I take tell a story for the viewer.

- TDM Magazine, 2021 - link
- Bobbooks UK, 2021 - link
- Timeout Magazine Portugal, 2020 - link
- Street Photographers Foundation, 2020 - link
- CHIIZ Magazine, 2020 - link

- "Num Piscar de Olhos" - collective exhibition, Lxlapa, Lisbon 2021

Portuguese, German and English - fluently
Spanish - enough to come by
French - un petit peut

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